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Welcome to

Womb Seed Wisdom

Welcome Gift:

Blood Love Masterclass 

Over the course of our time together, you will:

  • Process and transform your relationship with your menstrual blood

  • Learn how to incorporate ritual and self care during your bleeding time

  • Understand what foods and herbs can support you during your moon time

  • Receive information on the emotional, physical, and spiritual shifts that happen when you bleed

My name is Isadora, and I am here to plant seeds of Divine Feminine Earth wisdom around the globe. 

This is a time of great awakening on our planet. It is time that we come together to reclaim our rightful place and bring back sacredness and devotion into our daily lives. There is no doubt about it, we are rising, gathering, and healing all around the world, not just for ourselves, but for our Mother Earth and for all our relations.

At this moment in time, our species is going through a great initiation, and we are being asked to wake up, and live our lives in greater integrity and harmony with nature's rhythms and cycles. We are being asked to live in a new way.

I started Womb Seed Wisdom because I truly believe that there is nothing more important at this time than honoring, healing, and empowering those who give, maintain, sustain, and create life, mainly women and the earth, and specifically, the womb and the seed. 


I envision a world where the feminine principle, the principle that honors the womb, the cycles, the seasons, life and death, is honored and revered. I also imagine a world where women once again give birth without fear and with joy and ecstasy. I picture a world where women bleed without pain, and are deeply connected to their bodies and intuition.

I see us living in a world where we honor the earth, all sentient life forms, and one another, as sacred and precious creations.

Through the mediums of The Spiral, Womb Spiral, Ayurveda, HypnoBirthing, and my doula practice, I bring the Earth and Divine Feminine wisdom to my clients. I empower them to honor their cycles and seasons, their flow, and their deep inner knowing.


I know we have everything we need within us to thrive and to return to living in harmony with life's natural ways.

Now is the time!


If you are interested in any of my services, check them out below. 

Thank you for being here.


You are loved.

You are seen.

You are held.

You are sacred. 

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