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Womb Seed Wisdom Womb Spiral

Womb Alchemy

Blossoming    Remembering    Awakening

“The womb is the gateway of all human life. When the womb is honored and respected, she becomes a channel of power, creativity, and beauty, and joy reigns on earth.”

- Queen Afua

What is Womb Alchemy?

Womb Alchemy was created by Zapheria Bell and Dane Thomas. It is a marriage between The Spiral, which utilizes emotional clearing techniques, and the profound journey into the gates of the womb. 


This 10-week journey is designed to transmute that which no longer serves you, connect you to your inner feminine wisdom and power, and fully activate and awaken your womb, so that you can immaculately birth children or projects, and be who you came here to be, untethered to past traumas and lineage wounding. 


Over the course of our time together, we follow a sacred path through your body temple, into the womb, the place of the void and of creation, no-thing and everything, to awaken you to your full radiance, power, and unique essence. 

 “The collective state of women's wombs reflects the condition of the world.”

-Queen Afua, author of Sacred Woman

Womb Seed Wisdom Womb Spiral

The Womb Alchemy Process

Gate 1: Yoni Lips

Releasing shame Increasing trust

Gate 2: G-Spot

Releasing stagnation Increasing flow and gratitude

Gate 3: Clitoris

Releasing dogma Increasing self-devotion and worship

Gate 4: Cervix

Releasing Judgement and resentment Increasing love and innocence

Gate 5: Womb

Releasing neediness and codependency Increasing Inner Union and connection to longings

Gate 6: Creation Point

Releasing the grip of the ego Increasing the ability to surrender to life and be led by the soul

Gate 7: Cosmic Womb

Releasing attachments to self Increasing ecstatic bliss and oneness with all that is

“There is nothing more powerful than a woman who is fully embodied, unapologetically herself and in her full Womb presence.”

-Zapheria Bell, co-creator of Womb Spiral

Upon completing Womb Alchemy, you can expect to leave with

  • A deep trust in life and in yourself

  • An intimate connection to your own body

  • Clarity around your Souls path

  • Increases sensation and pleasure

  • More connection, to self, others, and nature

  • Increased creative flow

  • Increased magnetism 

  • More ease with manifesting and receiving prosperity

  • Freedom from past traumas and a renewed sense of safety in the body

  • Free from lineage wounds

  • More orgasmic and ecstatic birthing experiences

  • And the list goes on…

“Being sensually alive with a direct connection to the womb is the way we heal the world."

-Isadora Spearwoman



10 week one-on-one journey with one hour sessions per week.


All sessions are held over zoom.

Womb Seed Wisdom Womb Spiral

While that sinks in, I invite you to take a deep breath into your womb.

Drop into what’s compelled you to visit this page and notice what arises. 

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