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Clearing    Embracing   Transmuting

What is the Spiral?

The Spiral is an emotional clearing modality designed to remove emotional baggage, evolve the expression of consciousness throughout the body, clear conscious and subconscious patterning, and to rid yourself of whatever is blocking you from your fullest expression. The Spiral is a powerful tool that assists us in letting go of that which no longer serves us, and acts as a catalyst for moving forward in our lives with lightness, ease and grace.

The Spiral was originally created in 2012 by Dane Thomas and has become increasingly recognized as an essential tool for profound personal and professional transformation. It combines cutting edge models and clearing technologies for understanding human behavior.


The Spiral utilizes muscle-testing to clear any emotional baggage preventing YOU from living your best life.

The system also uses frameworks that have been drawn from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkins ‘Scale of Consciousness,’ NeuroSemantics-Linguistic Programming, Chinese Medicine, and the Ayurvedic Chakra System.

Womb Seed Wisdom Spiral

The Spiral Process

In this 7-stage process, we will delve into the 22 emotions most common to the human experience. 

Level 1: Deserving

Releasing Shame & Guilt, Increasing Self-Worth

Level 2: Creativity

Releasing Fear & Grief, Increasing Proactivity

Level 3: Power

Releasing Anger, Increasing Self-Confidence

Level 4: Openness

Releasing Wounds of the Heart, Increasing Love

Level 5: Expression

Releasing Low Self-Esteem & Anxiety, Increasing Expression

Level 6: Vision

Releasing Old Views, Increasing Clarity

Level 7: Purpose

Aligning to your Stillness and Divinity


10 week one-on-one journey with one hour sessions per week. 

All sessions are held over zoom. 


While that sinks in, I invite you to take a deep breath into your belly.

Drop into what’s compelled you to visit this page and notice what arises. 

What is it you’re ready to let go of?

What are you longing to call in? When you’re ready, I’m here!

"The biggest result for me from completing The Spiral is a deeper experience of inner peace and trust. This is something that has become a way of being for me that has only increased as time has gone by. It's not necessarily a sense of something new or extraordinary, but more like finding something that seemed long lost but had just been hidden under other stuff. 

A transformation I have received was more openness in my thinking or belief of thoughts and freedom from the concept of "how things are supposed to be." This has allowed my closest relationships to transform, leaving everyone room to be just as they are. 

I am most grateful for getting to have the human experience and more specifically in regards to my experience of completing The Spiral, I am most grateful for how it has allowed me to see myself as love reflected back at me in the eyes of people around me and in turn reflecting their image of love back to them. This is one of the most intimate spaces I have ever been. 

I would recommend The Spiral as it allows old programming and beliefs to be released in such a complete and effective way. It allows releasing without having to be or get bogged down in story or analysis and is a direct method to love and freedom. 


My overall experience of The Spiral was very organic, straightforward and gentle yet the effect has been quite powerful. Isadora is a beautiful balance of professional and personable, creating a space of trust and non judgment. It is evident that she is masterfully skilled and gifted at what she does as a Spiral Practitioner, and it was an absolute joy and privilege to have her guide me through the process of The Spiral."

-Jessica S.

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