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Womb Seed Wisdom Birth


Compassion    Intuition   Presence

"At this pivotal time on the planet, 
we hold the vision 
to turn the tides for birthing women, 
to bring back respect 
and all that is sacred for mothers, 
and for babies as they enter the world.
Doulas are guardians 
of this transition towards healing birth." 

Anna Watts

Complimentary Consultation

We spend 30-minutes getting to know one another in the space of your choice. I answer any questions you may have and share a bit more about myself and what I offer. If we decide we want to move forward and work together, we will discuss and plan our next visit.​

Three Prenatal Visits​​​​​

Visit 1

  • Introduction to what doula's do and do not do

  • Answering any questions you have

  • Discussing what to expect when labor begins

  • Openly talking about your pregnancy

  • Identifying your personal labor preferences and coming up with a birth plan together

Visit 2

  • Diving deeper into your questions regarding birth and providing information and insight on anything that comes up

  • Continuing to write down birth preferences and discuss common interventions

  • Providing support and emotional care

Visit 3


  • Practicing positions for labor comfort, optimal fetal positioning, and for the breathing the baby down phase

  • Providing tips on how to keep your oxytocin levels high

  • Clarifying when to call me

  • Reviewing your birth preferences and printing copies for the birth location of your choosing

  • Discussing what to place in your birth bag and what you’d like to have in the delivery room

The Birth

During the birth, I am there as your doula, your advocate, your biggest fan, and your support. I commit to showing up for you and providing you with the most loving and supportive care throughout your birth. 

Postpartum Care

After the baby is born, I'll support you during the transfer to your postpartum room. I also provide one Postpartum home visit after the birth. The visit can last up to three hours. 


  • We’ll debrief your labor and birth experience

  • We'll focus on creating a positive and nourishing environment

  • I'll answer questions about feeding and provide the necessary resources and referrals if needed​


Although I have prepared a general outline for our visits,  I'm here for you and I'm flexible. We can talk about whatever you'd like during our visits. I can also offer Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Support, Spiral Healing, Rebozo, Hands on Touch, Reiki, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, Crystal Healing, and more! We can custom design our sessions so that YOU get the most out of them. 


After our prenatal visits, I will be on call for your labor. This means no matter what time of day you begin labor, I will be there to answer questions and support you. Generally, I join my clients when they are in active labor. 


I will be on call for you starting 2 weeks before your estimated delivery date and up to 2 weeks after.

I offer continuous care from start to end of labor.


I will offer 24 hour URGENT phone/email support from date of contract.


For non-urgent care, I commit to answering 

any emails/texts or calls within 24 hours of sent date

unless otherwise discussed.​

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