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Womb Seed Wisdom Postpartum


Compassion  Intuition  Presence 

Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.

- Ina May Gaskin

Complimentary Consultation

We spend 30-minutes getting to know one another in the space of your choice. I answer any questions you may have and share a bit more about myself and what I offer. If we decide we want to move forward and work together, we will discuss and plan our next visits.

Visit 1

During our first visit, we will create a contracted agreement to work together for an agreed amount of time and schedule daily or weekly visits. This is a good time for you to tell me about yourself and discuss what you are looking for in your postpartum care. We can go over any questions you have thus far and establish my role as your doula. I'll be there to remind you to lay low and move slowly during the first weeks to allow your body to heal. 

I offer informational, physical, and emotional support and assistance. I can assist in preparing meals, helping to relieve any stress and fear you may be feeling while you transition into parenthood, and can offer you practical ways to care for your newborn.

I offer day-time care, with each shift being at least 4 hours, between 7am-7pm. 

I offer night-time care, with each shift being at least 8 hours, between 7pm-7am.

I will also be available by phone and email during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) during the agreed upon period of employment.


Together we will do our best to create a care timeline. I will be as flexible as I can, but scheduling long term allows me to focus on one family at a time.

Support Offered 

  • Lactation education and support

  • Emotional support

  • Sleep arrangements

  • Help with physical healing

  • Belly binding

  • Assisting with new baby care

  • Meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Resources and referrals

  • Small errands 

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Caring for siblings

If you feel called to work with me and would like more information, please book your consultation here.

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