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Womb Seed Wisdom Transformational Packages

Transformational Packages

Deepening     Evolving     Rebirthing

I offer one time sessions, and session packages for people wanting to clear specific emotional charges, but are not ready to commit to the full Spiral or Womb Spiral journey, and/or wish to first see if the modality is right for them. In these sessions, I follow my intuitive guidance and together with the client, we discuss, feel, transmute, and clear, that which is most alive for them and that which they are ready to let go of.  


All sessions are held over zoom. 

Payment plans are available.



1-hour session $200 USD

3 1-hour sessions $600 USD

Main Areas of Focus

Womb Health, Pregnancy & Birth, Trauma, and Embodiment

Womb Seed Wisdom Transformational Packages

I am currently offering a 20-week journey, where I will take people through The Spiral and Womb Spiral.


This process is for women who are ready to completely let go of past trauma, programming, and distortion, and be re-birthed into a new life and a new way of being. This journey is not for the faint of heart. It will totally shift your reality, and will bring you closer to yourself than ever before. If you are ready to embody your true essence, and share your medicine with the world, this journey is for you. 



All sessions are held over zoom.


$5,000 USD

Payment plans are available. Please reach out to me personally for more information.

“I was completely new to The Spiral, still don't really know much about it. But having experienced it with Isadora I know two things: 1. This process is for anyone interested in really getting involved in their own Evolution. 2. Isadora is the person I want to take me through it. Just wow. I'm a pretty pragmatic individual but I truly felt the process taking place in my body and in my emotions. The idea of "clearing" things has always been tough concept for me to understand, believe. I had been working with more of a "dig in deeper" kind of attitude when it came to hard life experiences/ traumas. Perhaps I don't need to understand how The Spiral works because simply put: I feel cleared.”

-Danielle M.

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